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Linking to the details of a Problem Record from the Portal

Darren BRay

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We are looking to vastly improve the use of Hornbil, and one of the ways we can do this is to introduce problem management, and making this visible to staff via the self service portal.

We have neither in use at the moment, but have configured hornbill and think we are just about ready to launch a pilot.

What I can not seem to do is find a way for the portal "Known Issues" section to provide a ink to the problem record, so staff can see the details of the investigation.

I have tried to get the incident URL from the portal and replace the incident reference with the problem reference, but get a message saying the user does not have permissions.

I am guessing its a permissions issue, but any advice on how to set this up would be greatly appreciated., 

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There is normally a “me too” button visible on known errors which your users can just click on. Someone more knowledgeable than me should be able to provide the setup steps - I think it’s very simple to do though


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Hi Darren,

Both Problems and Known Errors have a "Publish" action at the top of the record.  This lets you control which of your problems or KEs are made visible on the portals and it also lets you provide a "customer facing" description of the problem or KE.  More information can be found here, on our wiki.


Let us know if this helps or if you have any more questions.



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Thanks James,

I understand this and how you publish the problem which is working great in our portal. The description is great (ie what the problem actually is), but I want the end users to be able to see what the analysts are doing to address that particular problem (i.e. What is happening on the investigation).

I would have expected the Problem record on the portal to be hyperlinked to the detail of the Problem record, very similar to how an incident is handled.

Am I missing something?

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