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Want catalog item not hidden on portal but available from the intranet


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Sorry the title should read ...

Want catalog item hidden on portal but available from the intranet

but could someone confirm if it is possible to have a catalog item only available from a web page and not the self service portal?




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Hi Helen,

In trying a link such as https://service.hornbill.com/<INSTANCE_NAME>/servicemanager/log/5/incident/77/ this doesn't not work for me as when it lands on the Service Portal it redirects to have the user logged in and then it lands on the main portal page rather than taking you to the Request Catalog Item. 

It worked better linking to the My Service option in the main client using the link https://live.hornbill.com/<INSTANCE_NAME>/servicemanager/selfservice2/raise/5/incident/77/

Now, I was able to get the the Request Catalog Item when the visibility setting was set to Service Desk only.  This means that it was not visible on the portals, but it could be accessed by a link.  What I'm not sure is if this is something that should be allowed.  


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