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Is there anyway to add a Tag to FAQs

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I wanted to check and see if there is anyway we can add a Tag to an FAQ in the same manner we can apply Tags to Documents etc. I could not see any way to add a Tag when we setup an FAQ but wanted to clarify this please

Many thanks as always

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As samwoo suggests, this is not currently available.  We have a change planned for adding Tags to requests, but not FAQs at the moment.  What could be helpful is to add how you would see this working with FAQs.  Is it just a matter of being able to add keywords, using Tags, to improve on searches in the portals? For Requests, having Tags would contribute to reporting where you could see trends which works well when you have a volume of requests being raised and closed.


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Hi James

It would be just to improve searches on the portal for Customers as although we may have an FAQ loaded, the Customer would not always search for the correct terminology so being able to add a Tag would allow us to cover different terms that a Customer may search for.


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