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Published Report - Document Manager - Keep all versions?

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Hi guys, 

We run a weekly report to give us a list of all new joiners within the business and share this with other members of staff via the service portal. Each week the document within document manager is overwritten with a new one - is there a way to keep all versions within the document manager? We have had an issue whereby members of staff are off longer than a week and we are having to manually find the relevant report(s) and forward them back on. 



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You can turn on versioning when creating the document, this will keep a history of all revisions of the document which can be accessed from the document details page.

However, its only possible to enable this feature when creating a document so you may need to download your current document, delete it form docmanager and then re-upload it - you will then be able to enable versioning by clicking the relevant checkbox in the upload dialog.



Trevor Harris

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