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Co-Worker custom field search

Paul Alexander

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Would it be possible to allow searching custom fields in a co-worker record from the GlobalSearch bar please?

We use one of the custom fields in the Co-Worker record to hold the employee ID number. We'd like to be able to search on this field as it's 'unique' and, as part of our leavers process, we need to know if the leaver has an IT (AD) account. We are given the employee id number when HR send us these requests and being able to search for this ID would be a quick way of knowing whether the person leaving DOES have an IT account and, if so, whether any more work needs to be completed.



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Hi @Paul Alexander,

Sorry it is taking some time to answer... Is not that simple, especially because custom fields and not indexed and also the visibility of the field can be different between each user, so it might not be available to all users when you search.

I'm waiting further answers from development to see if it could be still possible.


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Hi Paul,

It is not practical for us to index every custom field in the underlying database, it would just lead to all fields being indexed (they need to be indexed to be searchable).  However, we are looking into changing our underlying indexing architecture which would allow you (through configuration) to decide what custom fields you want to index.  This is some time off though, might not be there until the end of the year as other priorities are currently present. 



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