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Set a Request Category during PC

Alberto M

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Hi all.

I'm pretty new in my role within Hornbill and this is my first post here. I hope this is the right place to ask this.

I'd like to use a branch with the flow resulting in two options depending on my conditions: 
1 - Flow out to the standard form to set the request category;

2 - Flow out to a different node where I could force the request category to a fixed value without user intervention.



My question is: Is this possible?

If yes: how can I set the request category to a fixed value during PC? Using which node?




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Hi Alberto,

Thanks for your post.

Progressive Capture is more designed for collecting information from a user or customer that is raising the request.  The Category form is a prompt for a user to select a category and it doesn't allow the setting of fixed information.  However, this is what the BPM Workflow is designed to do.  Using the Update Request Automated Task in the BPM you can set the Logging Category.  I can't see what the conditions are that you are using to branch in your Progressive Capture but you may find that you can access this same information within the BPM to check if you need to set the category or not.


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Thanks, @James Ainsworth.

My conditions are depending of the Catalog Name. My idea would be if the Catalog Name ends with something specific, I don't ask the user for the Request Category and I set the Request Category automatically.

As you say, I need to check this condition in both the PC and BPM.

I'll investigate how to do it.


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My first thought would be to branch based on your chosen criteria, one asks the customer to select a category, the other doesn't.

Then, when the Business Process starts, test whether the category is set, if not set it to the fixed category.

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We do this - we use a Decision node and branch each catalogue item to set the category automatically.  Let me know if you want to see an example of this.  Further to this, we have multiple branches as only limited to 3 decisions so we have:

catalog item A, catalog item B then other;

catalog item C, catalog item D, other and so on

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