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Additional Conditional Field Not Showing

Logan Graham

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Hoping you can help me, I am currently trying to add an additional conditional field to our existing change control service but I cannot get it to appear when I try to create the job, I can see it in the list and all tick boxes that need to be ticked are, but it still does not show as an drop down option. I have followed the wiki and copied the others that do show but this one will just not appear and I am unsure why?

Please see attached snips of the process.

Any help would be appreciated as it has got me puzzled.


Logan G

Conditional field - CC.PNG

Software dev - CC 2.PNG

Software dev - CC.PNG

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@Logan Graham looking at this am i correct in assuming that the conditional fields are set to appear, depending on the value chosen in the Department question?  i.e if department = Fundraising, then you have a conditional field to show a Fundraising question?

If so, and you are not seeing the Supporter Development department in your Department drop down  - i.e first custom form, then this would not appear to be related to the conditional field set-up - the conditional fields is waiting for a value to be entered into the department question from the drop down, it is not going to populate extra options into the department drop down list. 

If you open the department drop down question is it 

* Static drop down - i.e you can add whatever departments you want to the list - including Supporting Development

* Dynamic drop down - Perhaps you have a simple list with your department names, if so perhaps you need to add Supporting Department to the simple list and then it should appear in the drop down - SImple Lists managed under Service Manager in the admin conosle

* Group Picker - If using this option and choosing Department, it will only display the departments defined in the System > organisational data > Organisations and any groupings of the type Department.  you can check if Supporting Development exists, by clicking on the default value list and see if it exists, if not you can go back and add the department in the organisational data, and then it should appear in the drop down list. 

Apologises if i have misunderstood - is so could you share a screen shot of the department question? 




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Hi @Steven Boardman thanks for the reply, i think might be slight confusion the drop down option isn't appearing in the initial progressive capture process. The settings set on the Support Development form field is exactly the same as the Chief Executive office form field(with the name changed). As far as I can tell in the progressive capture everything is set right as per my screenshots in my opening post. 

Attached is where I would like to see the drop down option.

Thanks for looking into this.

CC - drop down 3.PNG

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