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Dashboards Out of Sync


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When viewing dashboards it appears that the charts are out of alignment and it can get a bit confusing, could this be looked into please (the titles of the charts are appearing at the bottom of the one above)? Also when moving charts to relocate you have to position a lot higher than you think to get them to stay in the new location.


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On 6/26/2019 at 9:36 AM, David Hall said:

Hi @Jeremy @Gareth Noon

Thanks for the post, we've made some changes around the layout/spacing of the charts and titles on the dashboard for the next update of Service Manager (build > 1515) which should resolve this issue.

Kind Regards,


Thanks @David Hall ,

I've just checked and it looks much better now. One point though, I can see the colours remain in the pie charts but all of the bar charts have now defaulted to blue only. Is there a reason for this?



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Hi @Gareth Noon

Glad that this has improved the layout for you.  With regards to the colours, we've applied a new chart theme following an update to our charting tool which is now using a blue/green toned colour wheel so as you update charts you'll have the new set of colours.  More than happy to accept feedback as the chart display improvements are still in progress.

Kind Regards,


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