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User Accounts in Service Manager


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Hi @Jeremy

Yes absolutely - the only hesitation I would have is whether or not the prefixes are in the source data, if they are then from this page it says:

  • It is possible to construct a value by specifing multiple directory attributes against a Hornbill user property E.g.:
   * "Handle":"[givenName] [sn]", - Both Variables are evaluated from LDAP and set to the Handle (name) param

So you can simply add the strings together in the import as above, or alternatively put the prefix into one of the unused fields on the user profile.

If the prefix value is not in the source data, then you can hardcode it in to an import, but as it's hard coded every user imported will have that same prefix so you would have to create multiple imports



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You would have to put it in one of the existing fields yes. 

Why there isn't a specific field for the prefix I don't know, but as far as I'm aware you are the first to ask about it... 


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Hi @Jeremy

You can add in a custom field to cater for this. On the Co-worker profile page in the analyst portal click the design button at the top (just above first name):


Add in a custom field called title, and then you can populate it directly from the import using the relevant custom field, i.e. attrib1.

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