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Add Next and Previous button when viewing a ticket


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Hi Support, 

I'm a new user of Hornbill and like some of the options offered in the software so far. 

However, I've noticed there is no way to quickly navigate through your list of ticket without returning to the main tickets list view. 

Can I propose adding a Next and Previous button / Arrow when viewing a ticket detail so that agent can quickly navigate to the next / previous ticket in their queue. 


Hornbill suggestion (2)_LI.jpg

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Hi @wfmike

Thanks for your post.  I can see how this would be useful.  There are some challenges with this at the Request List is a very flexible and with configurable Views, automated list refresh, new request always been added.  Requests can also be accessed from notifications, searches, links in workspace posts, and many other places and these won't haven any context to which request would be next or previous.

We could look at a 'Preview Pane' in the request list that shows a cut down version of the request and the Next and Previous options would simply work with the list that is in the current View.  

I'll be interested to get more feedback from other customers on this post.




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