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Action on 'Wait for request owner' expiry


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Hi all,

As per the below screenshot, I'm trying to send an escalation e-mail to the Service Desk team specifically for when a New starter request has not yet been picked up by an analyst. To do this, I've added a Wait for request owner node with an expiry (of 5 minutes for testing purposes), followed by a decision to e-mail using a gotoif failure, or continue on no match, but it errors at the point the Wait for request owner expires.




I was expecting there to be an expired option in the drop-down below, but it doesn't appear. (It does appear if using the Wait for status change node however)



Am I missing something here or is there an alternative approach to this?

I believe escalation may be possible via SLA triggers etc, but we use global SLAs for all services which if I understand correctly wouldn't therefore suit the use of a bespoke e-mail to inform the service desk that a new starter request requires attention.

I hope I've made sense here :blink:

Thanks in advance

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Guest Ehsan

Hi @dwalby,


You can use Custom Expression to determine whether or not the stage has expired.


Within the Custom Expression, you can add a check on Stage Expired variable that is returned by the Automated Task.


There is a documentation on Custom Expression in the link below.


Hope this helps.


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