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Restrict logging of calls to 1st Line Analysts only


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Is it possible to restrict logging of new calls to our 1st Line Analysts only? 

This is how we have it set in our current Supportworks environment and I;d like to carry on with this restriction in the Service Manager set up if possible?

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Hi @SimonSheldon 

You could take a look at the roles your agents have.

The default roles - i.e Incident Management User, Incident Management Full Access will have the application right - Raise Incident

You can copy default roles, like the above and then tweak the application rights, such as remove the Raise Incident right, and then assign your custom roles to the users who you do not wish to have the rights to raise Incidents, and do the same for the other request type roles, if you do not want your anyone other than your 1st line to raise new. 

This will in effect remove the Raise New option from the UI 


Hope that helps


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