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More Variables for Email Snippets


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Would it be possible to include more variables that we can select when creating Snippets within a request please?

We'd like to add some of the progressive capture answers, the customer's email address and phone number, so then we can have a standard template for the analysts to email information to the supplier.

Many thanks,


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I can't see how Progressive Capture answers could work.
Snippets are global and apply to all email templates and use (relatively) static data (like names and contact details), whereas Progressive Captures are specific to Services/CIs and use dynamic data. The same snippet could potentially be available for a complex problem with 20 questions and a simple Incident with 3 questions, or for two similar requests with 5 questions each but in a different order, so using "ProCapQuestion5" could cause an error, an irrelevant or even an inappropriate entry!

If you need ProCap questions in emails then storing them in Custom Variables and using these in an email sent via the Business Process would be the way to go.

The other suggestions, like Customer Email & Phone Number should certainly be achievable, and it will be interesting to see what suggestions other Customers have.


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@Steve Giller, snippets can be used for specific faults and/or requests which can save time and accuracy when emailing to external companies or even internal departments, ensuring the same response is sent by multiple staff.  For straightforward email requirements we use the email templates, which work very well but not all conditions can be setup for automation and the snippets fill this gap.  We use a variety of snippets for different fault/request types and as they are correctly titled aren't used incorrectly.  If the snippets had a the same variable set as the email templates they could provide a more useful function within the Service Manager toolkit. 



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We would also like additional variables added as options. Specifically, we are hoping to call any of the Customer attributes. ie Site / title etc. 

We found that when we enter {{site}} we do get some information populated. However, it is in the following format and I am unable to get only one of the results to be the output:
{{site}} = [{"h_id":"25","h_site_name":"Example Site","text":"Site 1"}]

Is there a way to call a specific value ie {{site.text}}?


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