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Customer Portal and automate request creation


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We've been asked to investigate a solution to better handle external complaints and queries via our main website. Currently it's "send an email to info@...". It will then be picked up and sent to the relevant department, who then make a log of it. Sometimes just in something like Excel, so no ticket management or such like.

I immediately thought about the Hornbill customer portal. However, the first snag would be the account creation. We sometimes will have a complaint that will come from the man on the street, who will not have an account, nor be willing to create one. We were then thinking about chat bots or maybe automatic raising of a ticket in Hornbill via the "info@.... "email address perhaps.

Does Hornbill have a solution for this scenario?

Many Thanks in advance

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  • Victor changed the title to Customer Portal and automate request creation

@Spudgun it's a tricky one, and i appreciate the whole creating account is not appropriate in the scenario you have described. 

One option would be to continue your Complaints option on your website, but instead of this raising an email have you considered invoking and using the Hornbill API's, so on submitting of the complaint form, it automatically raises a request in Hornbill?  I appreciate the API's are a developer level tool, but this approach using something like 


This would allow a developer to take the inputs to your complaints form, and pass them when creating a new request in Hornbill.  This would mean that you could manage routing of the request to specific teams, or even if they are familiar with Json, they could take the questions from your complaints form and injecting them into the questions on the newly created request, and then in turn use the associated business process to evaluate the answers and take care of routing / SLA's / Tasks etc

More info on the API's here. 


In the absence of developer resources, one option would be to use hornbill's email routing rules, so if a complaint form is submitted on your website and an email is auto-generated, you could link that mailbox to Hornbill, and use routing rules to evaluate all emails which drop into it.  You could set rules to route all emails with the word Complaint or from the known email address to automatically create a new ticket and route it to a specific team, it may not give you as many options as using the published API's but might be another option?


Hope that helps

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