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Email updates from another Customer

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I was hoping someone could just clarify something for me please - I know Service Manager will auto update a request if a Customer responds to the email leaving the subject text as it is, but I just wanted to confirm would it update the call from anyone other than the Customer as long as the subject text is left as is please?

Only reason I ask is we will have some emails coming into requests which at the moment will be manually generated by our Users to a Customers Manager / Supervisor. This is because at this point in time, the data within our AD does not have the Manager field updated for all Customers. So although we can pull manager details if it has been loaded to Service Manager via our daily updates, but a large number of our Customers currently have no value in this field, so until we can address this internally these emails will be sent manually to someone other than the Customer the request is raised under.

Many thanks

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