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Bulleted list for question set


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It would be really helpful if we could have a bulleted list for a question set.

For example:

Are you receiving any of the following errors?
- Error 1
- Error 2

  • Yes
  • No

I have tried using the asterisks in the Label, but unfortunately that didn't work. Is this possible to implement please?

Many thanks,

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Hi Alisha,

Is this something you are looking for when designing a Progressive Capture Custom Form?

In your example I'm assuming that you are trying to replace the dashes (-) before Error 1 and Error 2 with a bullet?  Maybe a screenshot of the form where you are trying to set this up?



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Hi Alisah,

The label field where you have added the wiki markup for bullet lists is really only for adding labels and not long descriptions or in your case a bullet list.  For the asterix to work as a bullet it needs to be at the beginning of a new line and the label field is only a single line.  

Have you tried using the field type Label and use the description for this type in order to display your information?  The description here is a multi-line field and the wiki markup should work here.




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Hi @James Ainsworth,

Thank you for the suggestion. I couldn't use the Description as it would have put the bullet points underneath the Yes/No answer, but I did something similar.

Here is an example of what it looks like for the customer and for the analyst.

Would it be something that you consider in future developments?




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