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Automatically close linked requests

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"[...] the close button will include an additional drop down option to Close Linked Requests if there are requests that are linked with the status of resolved. An additional option will be available to resolve requests if there are any linked requests that have a status of Open. [...]"


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Hi Andy,

To automate this there is a BPM option Resolve Linked Requests that is described here.   This allows you to automatically Resolve or Close all the linked requests or the linked requests of a certain type when you reach a particular point within the master request's BPM. 

Let us know if this helps.



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Hi - Sorry to jump in - I've added the Resolve Linked Request to a BPM for our Problem process - right at the end - but nothing happens... its not resolving the linked incidents or updating them other than to say they have been linked when first linked to the Problem request?!?


Any ideas?



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