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"It's still broken" closing calls rather than reopening call

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I am still having problems trying to get the autoclosure function to work correctly when a Customer goes to 'All My Requests' and selects the option to advise 'It's still broken'. I can see confirmation the call is marked as 'Request has reopened' but then it closes the request. I have tried this with 2 different scripts. The first one has the recommended Hornbill approcach with 3 branches from the decision tree : 1 is No Match, 1 is expired, and the 3rd has the relevant expression under the Goto If. The 2nd has a condensed version of this where I have 2 branches - 1 has the relevant expression for Open under the Goto If, and the other has logic for both Resolved or Closed.

When I run either of these scripts I can see both registering the Customer has marked it as not fixed, but the script seems to overlook this Open status and moves onto the Complete Stage and closes the call. Can anyone advise further please as this is not currently working on any of our Business Process scripts.

Screen shots of the Resolved Stage as below along with the timeline showing request reopened, then followed by closure. FYI the script functions correctly if the Customer does not do anything, and expires / auto closes as expected. Also if the Customer clicks on 'It's Fixed' this works as expected and closes the call.

Thanks !





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@Adrian Simpkins firstly I need to make you aware that your screenshot contains someone else's private information (such as name).

Regarding the issue, is all about the expressions for the branches of the decision node. We need a screenshot of them (or a copy of the BOP definition file if it does not contain sensitive info).

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Hi Victor,

Thanks, I will blank out the data in future !

Screen shots of the logic below - 1st image is the expression behind the 'Request Reopened by Customer' on the Hornbill recommended flow. The following 2 are the expressions behind the 'In Open Status' & 'In Resolved of Closed Status' on the other script which has no expiry option off the decision node. I have also included the config on the node - this is the same on both BPM's.

Many thanks

1st script:


2nd script:




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@Adrian Simpkins - aham, ok, so you are using variables from "Get Request Details" node... in this case, your setup is incorrect. Switch these two nodes and it will work fine...



Also, your expressions are superfluous. It is sufficient for each expression to have one criterion like this:

  • "Flowcodes->Get Request Details->Status == status.open" 
  • "Flowcodes->Get Request Details->Status == status.resolved" or "Flowcodes->Get Request Details->Status == status.closed" 

Note the values being in lowercase, not necessary but always a good idea to use lower case for the request status values. No need to have a criterion for values like Open, Resolved or Closed, the request status will always have a value of status.open, status.resolved or status.closed. (not mentioning other possible status values)

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  • Victor changed the title to "It's still broken" closing calls rather than reopening call

Hi Victor

Thanks for the pointer, I did have this node in the correct place first thing this morning, but it was giving me this error so I moved the node after reading the recomended flow for 2 stage closure as it had get status prior to the suspend node. Moved the node back to its correct place and now its working as expected. Very strange !

Many thanks again


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Hi Victor

Sorry it was the wrong wording to use - I was not getting an error as such, it was just failing when a Customer was selecting 'Its still broken' on the 'All My Requests', review a request page. The same issue I was getting with the above flow, I got exactly the same response at the start of yesterday with the correct flow. I then amended it to the above flow on the screen shot where I moved the Get Request Information before the Suspend Node, but I was getting the same moving to Closure issue with the Get Request Information node both before and after the Suspend Node.

It is working now as expected, it was just strange that when I ran the script at the start of the day with the Nodes all in the correct place, and as a Customer I tested 'Its Still Broken' this also moved to closure rather than recognising it has been reopened, and moving down the Reopen path on the decision node.

Many thanks


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