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Quick log calls

Guest Paul Alexander

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Guest Paul Alexander

We have one or two requests which are logged frequently by our analysts, and which CAN'T be logged on the portal or through emails etc (for instance, password reset requests where the customer can't get to their email or the portal, as their password has expired) so the only option is to phone the support desk, and ask them to log a request.

In these situations, it would be handy if the analysts could have a 'quick log' button somewhere on the Request List view of Hornbill which, when selected, would open up a pre-populated PCF, which has already selected the correct service, impact etc and which only needs the customer's name to be added. 

I suppose this is an extension to the 'custom buttons' idea, but with the buttons being available while the request list is being views rather than when a request is open. It would save a few clicks every time one of these requests is logged, but could potentially save a lot of time in the long run. Other ideas for these would be if someone's account was locked out and just required unlocking - so the same details would be required as above.


Is this something that could be considered?


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@Paul Alexander not sure if it helps, or if this is the best way to do it, but I have the below setup:


When raising a request, entering the customer name and selecting our Employee & Account Services service, an analyst can click the Reset/Unlock AD Account catalog item which automatically logs/resolves a call with the appropriate profile, etc.

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Guest Paul Alexander

Hi @dwalby


thanks for the response.......and your suggestion is exactly how we have things set up at the moment. 

However, we have our 'incident' progressive capture set up so that the questions go in this order:

  • WHO is logging the request
  • What is their contact number
  • A summary of the fault, then a full description
  • Which Service
  • Which Catalogue Item etc

This works for the majority of the requests being logged by the analysts, however some requests  (password resets for instance) could be logged a lot quicker if we had a 'quick log' button which just asked for the users' name, and that was it. The process behind the button would already know what the Subject, Description, Service and Catalogue Item (and hence the BPM) are, so there's no point in the analyst having to click through the options. 

I'm just trying to cut down on the number of clicks it takes to log a simple, pre-defined request. 

Hopefully that makes more sense? 

thanks again

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I've set this up on my Instance, and when I have the default Progressive Capture select a co-worker at the first stage, then make the Service selection the second (and final) item, then by selecting the Password Reset Service/CI then the ProCap will jump to the ProCap for that Service (if set) or straight to the Business Process if not. If you choose a different Service/CI it jumps to the ProCap for that one.

So by having a default Incident (or Service Request) ProCap that gets a customer then a Service/CI you can jump direct to an "automated" request (mine simply updated the Summary/Details to test that the principle worked) where required or on to further questions for your other Requests.

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