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Retiring CI's - link still works


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So it appears that when you have a CI that was listed in the portal the link still works when the CI is retired, this has meant that some people can fill in/complete a form which is retired but it fails as the BPM doesn't work or process it normally.

Is there a way of fixing this or do we need to change the setting inside the CI to be available just to the Service Desk?

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Hi Jeremy,

This may just be a browser refresh that needed.  In my testing, this just seems to occur if a customer is looking at the list of Request Catalog Items (RCI) at the time the status of the RCI is changed to retired.  Moving to another tab and back to the 'Make a Request tab', the visibility is updated and the retired RCI no longer visible.

In the chance that a customer is viewing the list of RCIs at the same time you are retiring it, I will  see if we can put in something to catch if it is clicked on.  I would also be interested to know if you are using a browser other than Chrome and if the behaviour is different from what I have mentioned.



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