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Ability to search resolved calls

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I am looking for a call within Service Manager that i resolved back in March as i have got the same issue now so wanted to look back at how it was resolved.  I have tried searching for key words in the global search but nothing is shown each time.  Can you advise please?





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HI Nick,

Thanks for your post.

There are a few different ways that you can search for this depending on the information that you know and want to search on.  

From the request list you can use the Advanced search to specify your search criteria.  In this example I'm searching for requests resolved before March 31st where the resolution text contains certain words.  


The Global Search can also be used.  There is an option to search timeline entries.  The resolution text should be contained within a timeline entry.  You could also narrow down your results by selecting Type and Status (most likely closed in your case), and service.


Hope this helps.



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Another useful option to use on the Global Search is to use operands such as AND if you know some of the words that might be in the summary or description.   For example vpn AND failed.  The AND operator must be in all caps.  The results will only return requests where both these words exist, otherwise you may get results that contain just one of the words.

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