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Custom Button with iBridge

Paul Alexander

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I@m trying to set up a Custom Button which will use the iBridge to automatically create a linked request (just as a test at the moment) but I'm getting the error :



It's not a very helpful error and I can't seem to find WHAT is actually going on. Could I have some pointers to help me with finding out where to look and what to look for to see where the problem is please? 


The settings I have are:





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Hi Paul,

I'm trying to work through some of the options that you are setting.  The first thing I have come across is that the Catalog Item must be the ID rather than the name.  I'll continue to work through your options to see if I can get to a point where I get the same error as you.

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So, looking at the error that you are getting, this is referring to the Profile Codes (Request Category).  When I first looked at the message I had assumed that it was missing 'code' as in programming code.  lol.   So this will be to do with the ID or structure of the Profile Codes.

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Hi @James Ainsworth

OK...I've got this working thank you.....however,  the 'new request' which is created shows that it was created by Darren Rose (it wasn't...I created it!) and the Customer isn't being copied across (the newly created request doesn't have a customer associated with it).


Any ideas why please?










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