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Services - How to link them to incidents

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My apologies if this is a daft question, but in order to link an affected Service to an Incident, does the Service need to have a catalog item associated with it?

At the moment, all I have done is enabled the Service, ensured 'Asset' is selected in Actions and made the access Open however I am unable to link it to a call.

Many Thanks, have a great bank holiday weekend all! 

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Hi @Ann-MarieHolloway 

You should not need catalog items to be able to link one or multiple services to an Incident. 

There are a couple of things to check.

Under the Service, in the request configuration - have you enabled the Incident request type - (blue toggle)?

If you have, are you looking to associate the service to the Incident during the Progressive Capture flow?  if so is the customer you are raising the Incident for, subscribed to the the service, and are you using supporting teams for the service?  both of these factors will be relevant when you get to the Services form in progressive capture.

If you are looking to link multiple impacted services to a request, once the request is raised you will need to ensure the Linked Services action icon is selected - but on the Service which you are raising the Incidents against (not the service which you want to link to the Incidents) again via Incidents, under request configuration.



This will then show the Linked Services option on the Incident action bar


Hope this helps


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