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Dividers, Tables, Columns and Labels in the "Request Details" region


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I am requesting the ability to be able to add in Dividers, Tables, Columns and Labels in the "Request Details" region

I do not know if all, some or none of this is possible but here goes

Dividers - The ability to have a horizontal line to break up the Request Details region where required

Tables - The ability to define a region which can be divided into columns and rows and the ability to have a header. This so we can specify a custom layout and allow grouping of fields/values against a request

Columns - The ability to split the Request Details into 2 columns and have the fields on the left, and the value on the right

Labels - In addition to the dividers will allow us to break up and group fields together.



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Hi @James Ainsworth,

Thanks for responding... please forgive me as I wasn't clear in my email what I was looking for.

I wanted to break up / group the custom and fixed fields in the request details using the Edit Request Details form, and being able to slot in the things I mentioned in my first post.

See this terrible example I drew up:

1. The line breaks slotted in where required (the colour would match the Hornbill pallette)
2. Labels added in where required
3. Table added in (the lines may or may not be visible, but the colour would match the Hornbill pallette)


Unfortunately using Custom Fields for this isn't feasible as we may need to use them to capture details from the PCF for example. So this is a request to have additional formatting controls in the Edit Request Details region.



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