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Link request relationships (caused by etc.)


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Today I've been going through some complicated requests in our system and have had to link a few. It occurred to me that what would really be helpful/useful is to specify a relationship when linking requests. For example:

  • Caused by
  • Solved by
  • Potentially related
  • Parent
  • Child
  • and so on.

I imagine that this could be managed by a simple list so everyone could create their own relationships.

Is this something that exists already that I've missed? If not, can I make it a feature request?

Many thanks


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@chrisnutt the information you are looking for is stored in h_sm_relationship_entities table. You need to query this in conjunction with h_sm_relationship_types and/or h_sm_relationship_links tables and optionally in conjunction with h_itsm_requests table. You can build a report joining these tables. Let us know how you get on... 

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Thanks. I think I'm nearly there. I have created a report that returns the attached. There is only one problem

In the attached, the relationship I have defined is that the incident has been caused by the change. When setting up the "Caused by" relationship I stipulated a reverse of "Caused". What I was hoping to see is that the report would return that:

IN00108231 was caused by CH00107625 and

CH00107625 caused IN00108231

However, this doesn't seem to have come across. I haven't linked into the request table though. Will that be needed?




relationship report.PNG

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@chrisnutt sorry for the delay on this... the issue lays with the JOIN condition, you would need to join "The user type" column in the "Relationship Entities", instead of the "The relationship link ID". Like this:



I have to admit though, the name of the column: "The user type", does not really describe what it actually is ... :(

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