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Instance currently offline??

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@Josh Bridgens when you notice an instance check failure it will be immensely helpful if you can take a screenshot of that and post it ... the health check does a series of checks some related to our internal infrastructure and  some related to comms from you to Hornbill... looking at the screenshot to see what check fails helps us establish quickly where the issue occurs... 

Regarding this particular issue, I am not aware of the service being impacted in any way, according to our monitoring tools, the instance was functioning normal...

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Hi @Victor,


Unfortunately I was driving home when I had the phone call saying nobody could connect and had to madly pullover to do an instance check, completely forgot to get a screenshot.

I do remember the XMLMC Session bind was failing with over 5000+ ms ping, if that helps?


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@Josh Bridgens - actually, I just come to understand there was an event on the infrastructure part service your instance yesterday around 17:15 -17:20. It is most likely this affected the service availability in your instance. We are looking to see exactly what happened and what were the full implication of this. Will keep you updated...

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