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2 Stage closure process working as expected?

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We currently have the recomended process setup for 2 stage closure set on our scripts.

I wanted to check that if a call is Reopened by a Customer, currently it seems that as a User I can see the call reopening, and I am getting a Resolution box as expected to address any issues raised by the Customer, but it seems that this Resolution field appears in a 'locked' down state and I have to select the 'Edit' button to be able to amend / input new resolution text. I wanted to check that this is working as expected or is there anyway to have a new empty Resolution field appear, or will it always pull the resolution text already set from the intial Resolve action, and our Users will always have to click 'Edit' to amend / update the resolution text? Screen shot is as below

Thanks !



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Hi Adrian,

From an app perspective we wouldn't put anything in to automatically remove your data so if you want to clear this field you could put in an update node in the BPM as part of a resolution stage where you are waiting for status change and if it goes to open rather than closed, they you could have an update to clear the resolution text.

Let us know if you need some help setting this up.  Hope this helps.



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7 hours ago, HHH said:

struggle to clear the resolution text since it's a mandatory field in the node Update Request -> Resolution Text

The mandatory field... that's not the problem @HHH ... You can very well have a node like this and it will wipe out the resolution text:


You simply not enter anything in the value for the "Resolution Text". This will wipe out the current resolution.

The issue is, however, a refresh issue... If one reopens a request which triggers a resolution wipe then BP goes back to wait for resolution in one go, then the UI (or the session to be more precise) does retain the resolution value and display it even when in fact it was wiped out from the DB. You can check this by refreshing the request and see there is no more resolution text... 

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Hi Guys

Sorry for some reason I didnt get a notice that this was updated, so thanks again for your assistance as always ! Reading through the above comments have i understood this correctly that at the moment the Resolution text which is set when a request is initially resolved will always populate even if we insert a node with blank Resolution text?


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