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Manually mark request for follow up

Guest Paul Alexander

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Guest Paul Alexander

There is already an option to update a request list so that any updated items are coloured differently, so that they stand out - BUT would it be possible to add an option somewhere (maybe in the multi-request actions?) so that the analysts can manually mark a request that they know they need to come back to please?

Basically, our analysts say that there are sometimes requests which they KNOW they need to look at at some stage, but they need to somehow be reminded that these are important and they need a visual 'nudge' when looking through their list. So this would work like a 'flag' system in Outlook.....just something where people can see that a request is coloured differently so they're reminded that they should be doing something.



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Hi Paul,

Thanks for your post.

I can look into having a simple flag option for a user.  As we have loads of great ideas, it may be some time before we can look at this.  Until then, although these are not visible on the request list itself, there are two options that can be used currently.

Bookmarks - The Bookmarks on the right hand panel are a great way to quickly add something, like a request, that you need to go to again.  A user could create a Bookmark category called Follow Up Requests.  Using the Bookmark Current Page option, you can add a request to your list in a single click.  The benefit that a bookmark has over a simple flag is that you can modify the description to add a note why you have bookmarked it.  Myself, I used to flag emails in Outlook and then on returning to the email, I had forgotten why I had flagged it in the first place.

Activities - Adding a personal activity to a request to follow up is also a great way to manage this.  Activities can let you set a full day or time within a day for when you want to revisit the request.  These also have reminders.  It requires a bit more effort to create but offers more options.

As mentioned, both these options do not show anything in the request list, but they can always be visible by keeping the right hand pop-out panel open.



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