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Report against outcomes of activities


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I would like to arrange a report on the results of outcomes of an activity against against a specific catalog item, example is as below:

Catalog Item: Mobile Phone Request

Activity contains: A Mobile Phone request for requires approval


Outcome status would appear with accept or refuse or nothing - I would like to see all 3.

Any ideas what table the activities appear in?


Thanks either way.


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With regards to my last update, I managed to create a widget on the completed tasks by and I don't believe the data is showing correctly.

A large number appeared against: SYS_BPM_Manager

Any ideas what the above can be, on occasions when a task is completed it does specify BPM Manager so not sure if some of our completed tasks appear against the above? :rolleyes:
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5 hours ago, Shamaila.Yousaf said:

think i misinformed your incorrectly

Hmm... does this not mean that you actually informed Steve correctly? :) ...  #semanticswar

P.S. Sorry, could not help noticing it :) 

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