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Outgoing Email flow


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Hi @Malcolm

This would depend on your configuration.  There are two types:  Direct Outbound and SMTP Smart Host.  More information about these can be found here.

If using Direct Outbound the path is direct.   If using an SMTP Smart Host the emails would first go through the mail server that you have configured. 

(I've moved your post to the System Administration topic)



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@James Ainsworth thanks for that.

Turns out we had configured this previously to run through a smart host.

We now have a new smart host (Mimecast) so we need to update the smart host details to reflect this.

However, not sure if this is a glitch but when trying to amend the host in the smart host details it just reverts back to what was there before so unable to run the "Test Connection" on the new settings.

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Hi Malcolm,

I tried changing the name in the Host field and the Save Changes button became available and I was able to save and my changes were retained then next time I viewed.  Normally, the Test Connection can be run before saving.  Not sure what is happening in your case.  Have you tried with a different browser?

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