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Attachment Queries/Actions


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Are there any thoughts about having Wait for Attachment in a suspend node there is the option to change the focus but not to wait?

Also, we would like a BPM task to indicate if there is an attachment in the request and to pull the description/filename into the task, but can't currently find a way of doing this.

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Hi Jeremy,

I have a look into the suspend node.  I can't see a reason why this couldn't be done.

I'm not so sure about getting an attached file name into the title of a task.  The task title and description can be populated based on variables and information within a request, but the attachment information isn't currently available as variables.

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On 7/9/2021 at 9:13 PM, James Ainsworth said:

Hi Daniel,

Can you describe what aspect of this isn't working for you? I did test when it was first released and it was working for me.  Maybe a screen shot of your config on the Suspend and Wait for Attachment automation node.



Hi @James Ainsworth,

thank you for your response.

My config is quite simple, see pictures below.
Finally, I got it working by adding an additional node which changes the sub-status. Without this node system won't change a request status back to open, even after Customer uploaded the attachment.








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