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Hello all, 

Had a customer who asked if he could download all 47 attachments from a request in one go and I couldn't suggest anything. 

After you check the box next to each attachment, could you have a download option as well as the existing delete icon. I've highlighted this space with a little rainbow. 

Many thanks


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@LawesD - hmm... this is not really a suggestion for forums, right? :) ...


I'll move this to Hornbill Service Manager but please be mindful where topics are raised. Each forum section is monitored by certain teams and people, the team and people that can provide an answer here will simply not be aware of such threads if they are not posted where they need to be posted :) ... not raising a topic in the appropriate section will only lead to delays in being noticed and answered and ultimately will only delay the answer reaching you.

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Guest Paul Alexander

I've just been asked this very same question (although the number of attachments was different......so not EXACTLY the same)

So I'd like to +1 for this suggestion please....

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