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@Jeremy we have the following setting which might help: app.experimental.advancedRequestTaskCompleter


This feature allows a user to complete tasks that are assigned to another person. Supporting teams of a service that is associated to a request will be respected otherwise if a request is not associated to a service, then the user can complete tasks that are assigned to the user's team(s) members.

When viewing a Request, opening a task will run the checks and see if you're allowed to action it or not. Is that the type of thing you were after?

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Guest Chaz

@Jeremy It all revolves around who has the rights to do it, so turning the setting on will only reveal the feature to the people with the advancedRequestTaskCompleter right. If I remember correctly, this would apply to anyone with the Service Desk Admin or a 'Full User' role like the 'Incident Management Full User' one for example.

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