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Filter a simple list on a portal form

Guest Paul Alexander

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Guest Paul Alexander

I am creating a few simple lists which will hold information on  the current 'live' contracts in our company. We'll be using this list so that, when someone requests something from the Portal, they will be asked which contract they're working on so that we know who to charge. 

We currently have a lot of contracts......so, is there a way of getting the Simple List box on the portal form to filter based on what someone types into the header of the drop down? 

So....it'll be a bit like the 'user picker' which is used when logging a request - you can type any bit of a first name or last name, and a list of 'possible hits' is shown to you. At the moment, the 'simple lists' only let you type in the initial letter (which is then searched for) but this is a little restrictive. 

Any thoughts please?



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