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Editing a activity\task

lee mcdermott

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Since a recent update one of our teams has reported that they can no longer edit the titles of any assigned tasks\activities they receive.


Previously they could select the task and select edit and amend the titles of the task. They no longer get the option to edit the title. I have checked and found I can still edit the title on some tasks in one teams queue but even after adding my self to their team queue I also cannot edit the title


Does anyone have any idea what has changed or how to amend this - seems to be a permission change maybe if it still works for some team queues but not for others?


The task was generated automatically as part of BP then amended to add a users name to each task.


thanks lee


see screen shots below as an example being able to edit the title for some, then after selecting edit there is no title bar displayed to edit on others?

edit activity.JPG

edit activity2.JPG

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Hello @lee mcdermott,

Is all described in the initial post 

You can find it in the bullet point 3.

3. Enforced amending in specific situations:

There are three basic types of Tasks (or Activities);

  • Manual Activity - Created by the user in the Collaboration Core. This one is fully editable and remains mostly as it was before.
    • Outcomes - by default will not allow editing and only one outcome "Done" will be used. Use Templates to customize the outcomes.
  • BPM Task - This one is created by the BPM and can only re-assign and change the dates.
  • BPM Approval - This one is also created by the BPM and it will not allow editing, only complete.





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Hi @lee mcdermott

Just for a bit of background for this change in behaviour.  When BPM designers are building a process for a request they will likely be adding particular activities that need to be completed.  A problem that was highlighted in the past was that users could change the names of these activities along with other information like the description which could change the intended purpose of the original activity that was allocated out as part of a process.  

These changes ensure that the designed activities are visible and completed as the BPM designer made them.  There are more options with using variables to provide more suitable titles to the automated activities when designing the BPM workflow.

There have been other subtle changes  with the activities such as in the Right Hand Activity panel there is now an icon that lets you see which activities are BPM generated activities vs manually created ones.


 Hope this helps.




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