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Data Import Configuration freezed

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The info you see there is not always entirely accurate. Well it is but in reality it isn’t... :) I’ll try and explain. When an import starts running, the LDAP import tool will inform Hornbill that the import started. This will change that Status to Started. Then the import does its bit, finishes at which point it will again inform Hornbill that the import is complete. Again, this will change that Status to Complete.

What happened here is that the LDAP import tool never communicated back about the import being complete, for whatever reason. So as far as Hornbill is concerned the import still runs but it might very well be the case that it actually does not (on the machine where the tool runs).

If you are certain there is no import running, the tool does not run on your machine, then you can “force” a fresh import by running it with the “force flag” parameter turned on. This will run a new import and will clear previous statuses.

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