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Feature or work around for Member "is not" in custom views


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Afternoon all,

We are trying to set up some custom views so that we can sort by who is a member and who is not a member.
There is a option to sort by Member "is" however there is not a way to sort by Member "is not"
is this a bug? or can i put in a request for this to be added as a feature?
IS there another way i can pull up this information at this moment in time?


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Hi @yelyah.nodrog

I have added a change to our backlog for this.  We did have a quick look to see if this was something easy to add in, but in the initial review we did decide that a little more work would be required than originally thought.

For now, maybe a report would be a way to get this information.  If you want to give this a go, let me know and we can see what we can come up with.



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