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When I select the 'Today' option upon setting the Sample from and to it doesn't update to show 'Today'.

I set this up yesterday and appears with yesterday's figures.  I didn't manually choose the date? 


Can some kindly provide me the syntax tax for Today so i can add this into the 'filter' instead.


Not sure if this is a 'user error' on my part :rolleyes:

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Hi @Steven Boardman it's Advanced Analytsics>Widgets.

I select the 'Today' icon which appears in blue for Sample from & Sample to, I am under the impression that come the next day that it will automatically pick up the figures for the new day.

Is this not the case?

I'm having to go through all my widgets to reselect...so guessing not?


Secondly, I have created a 'List of Counters' to show the number of calls logged via the self service portal - see below; however is there an easier way to add 'TODAY' to have the number automatically counted for that day only? Again, its time consuming having to manually change on a daily basis. 

h_datelogged BETWEEN '2019-04-29' AND '2019-04-30'
AND h_source_type ='Self Service'
AND h_fk_servicename= 'IT Support'


Your assistance is always kindly appreciated.



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@Deen I located the SQL Reference for the date time functions from the wiki (as below):



I cleared the sample from & to option and & used curdate() in the SQL filter, I'm hoping this resolves my query.  Have up[dated all my widgets so will check tomorrow if this has worked.



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