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PCF question conditions


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Hello everyone,

We don't think this possible but..

So I want a question to become mandatory if a value is reached - however, this value is the sum of many question fields over a few custom forms within a PCF. Is there a way to base an override flag of another question upon this total number?

I know we can act upon all this when it reaches the BPM and we have a plan B but I thought I'd ask. 

Many thanks in advance

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Hi @LawesD

What you mean by "value is the sum of many question fields" . 
Not sure I understand your question but just in case - you can make really complex expressions like on attached screenshot below - but if you need to do it based on total answers? then we don't have such capabilities.


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Hi @LawesD,

Can i ask what "value" it is that you want to calculate to test. Is it some sort of custom matrix value based on user selecting priority / urgency  / effort / location etc?  Simply we do not allow any form of coding that involves users having to understand  javascript and how the back end engine works etc If the requirement is generic then we can look at it and see if something can be done to accommodate it.


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Hi @NeilWJ

In this instance, it was simply numeric. We are using the form to make orders of different items, so this would calculate a total price and if it was over a certain value it would show an additional question. 

Thanks for the reply


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Hi @LawesD

So they select an item and against the item it has a value. Can i ask how do they select item, is it from a listbox you have created from a static list of items? Basically trying to ascertain if APP team needs to provide a UI for you to select # number of items and then provide a total in a variable for you to use in a decision making.

OR is the set of value just input from textbox questions i.e. you have a question like "How much is the monthly cost?" , "how much is the yearly cost?" etc


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It is an open text box for the item which isn't really relevant but then quantity and price fields. So need the total value. Really appreciate the help with this, so far you've gone above and beyond what I expected to be a simple, sorry you can't do that. 

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So basically you end up with a dataset that looks a bit like this then, assuming you create a customForm per item:-

formItem1.code ("HP Laptop")
formItem1.qty (1)
formItem1.price (780.00)

formItem2.code ("Samsung Note")
formItem2.qty (1)
formItem2.price (400.00)

Or if you use a single custom form and just define all the items by setting fieldname to code1, code2 etc:-

orderform.code1 ("HP Laptop")
orderform.qty1 (1)
orderform.price1 (780.00)
orderform.code2 ("Samsung Note")
orderform.qty2 (1)
orderform.price2 (400.00)

The point being  the fields you are capturing per item are the same i.e. code, qty and price.... (or whatever dataset you want to capture)

I have started a discussion with some colleagues and decision makers to see what we can do to accommodate this. 

I will keep you updated.


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