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I come under more than one team, what would the impact be if i remove myself from this this team?

I appear under the two groups below:




As i am receiving a high number of activities for a business process which doesn't seem to work from within IT Support team, I wonder what the impact would be if i removed myself from the IT Support team?

I have gone into: Organisational data>Users>Shamaila Yousaf>Organisation and amended the Allow Task View to false under the IT Support group but i still the activities?


Advice would be useful, thanks in advance.



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Hi @Shamaila.Yousaf

The main consideration is around your visibility of requests in the Request List and the ability to have requests assigned to you.  If you are not being assigned requests or working requests that for a particular team, then it would be worth removing yourself from that team.  In order to still have some visibility of requests assigned to a team that you are not a member of, you could be a member of another team that supports the same services that the other team supports.

First determine if both the mentioned groups are Teams and not a Department or other Group type.  While it is possible to have a Team Group sit under another Team Group I personally would have Teams at the bottom of the Org Structure and not have any sub Teams under another Team.   

At the moment there is very little in the way of features that take advantage of the hierarchical structure, but we have recently introduced the ability for subscriptions to cascade down the org structure. So, in most cases any changes to your team membership shouldn't have much affect other than the above mentioned visibility of requests.  If you find that there are problems, you can be quickly added back to a team to get yourself up and running again.  

I hope this helps a bit.  Let us know if you have any other questions.



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