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Request Status toolbar missing for custom request list views


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When viewing any of the out-of-the-box request list views (e.g. My Requests, I'm Following etc) the following toolbar is displayed, that lists how many of the requests in that view are open, on-hold, resolved:


When creating a custom view, the above toolbar disappears and it just displays a request total:


At first, I thought this could be because all 215 requests in that view have the same status. However, I can see that there are requests that are on-hold, resolved and closed in this particular view. I've tested another view and have found the same thing.

Could the status toolbar be enabled on all views, whether they're custom or out-of-the-box please?



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Hi @Lauren the reason the status filters are not displayed in custom views, was due to the ability in the views to decide (using the condition builder) which statuses to include or exclude.  However this has been something which has been asked for before, and i've added you as an interested party to this story, and as it prioritised, and scheduled we'll post back here. 

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