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Hi All,


Off-Topic for most of Hornbill and something the business needs to look at itself but I thought id ask for some input here!

When we originally started with Service Manager we set all our Services as very Granular, IT Focused Services... "Citrix, Cisco, Skype for Business" etc... Things like that.


We have had some interest from some other departments to come on board and use Service Manager, which obviously is great news for me as the sole developer!


The only problem is we have way too granular services and it is more of an IT focused Support Portal. We are happy to change this!


My Biggest Example is "Communication" as one for Skype, Cisco.... but where do I go from there to ensure IT doesn't lose its ability to really see what our data is doing, while being open enough for other departments to access the Support Portal and use parts of it for... Legal, and HR, etc.


Any Input would be great, as I'm stuck.



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