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Bulk update of request status from Resolved to Closed

Adrian Simpkins

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I have today come across a problem where we have a manual step in one of our existing Hornbill instances on all associated BPM's, which requires the User to confirm if a Customer is happy with the resolution of a call. Unfortunately it appears that when this instance was made live back in 2016, the Users were advised the call would do this part automatically and they were unaware they should have actually reviewed each call to move it to a 'Closed' status.

So I wanted to ask if we amend the existing BPM's to have an auto closure step, will this take effect on the calls sitting in the Resolved status and retrospectively move the status to Closed? From what I have read I do not think this would work, but wanted to double check! If this is not an option, I presume we would have to look at having a bulk update of the calls all set still with a status of 'Resolved' directly on the database? We have over 7k calls sitting with this status since the instance went live in 2016, and ideally I want to correct the status on the calls. I am changing the existing scripts so that all future calls auto close as expected by sending an email to the Customer giving them 5 days to respond if the resolution has not fixed their issue rather than having a manual step for Users.

Many thanks

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@Adrian Simpkins the changes to business process definitions will not affect existing processes against existing requests, only new, as you suspected.

Whilst still a painful exercise, there is an option in the request list to multi-select and apply the status change to closed. 


A few observations:

1. This will only appear for those in a resolved status

2. By default you can't do this across requests of different types or logged against different services - but you can disable this restriction as detailed here on the wiki:


3. You can Select the first record, then shift + select the bottom record to select all in between to then apply this status change too.

Hope this helps



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