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Too Many Dialog Boxes


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Hi team,

One of our users advised that the system had too many dialog boxes. When we're working and trying to get work done as efficiently as possible, having those extra clicks can slow us down :-(

Following a discussion, we were wondering if it is possible to have a setting that allowed us to choose whether or not a dialog box would pop up.

The key ones are:

1. When putting a ticket on hold, having the option to directly put it on hold without the popup boxing asking for the reason. The reason can be put on the timeline before or after putting the ticket on hold. As for visibility, again if there was a setting that lets us decide if we want it to default to be visible for customer or not.

2. When changing the ticket from on-hold to In-progress . I believe this is sub-statuses that we have set up, but the option to not have a dialog box pop up when changing sub-statuses

3. When re-opening a ticket. More often then not, the full details are put onto the next update

Many thanks,


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Additional Note - Example of going from In-progress status to sub-status with on hold function


No Reason is needed, no reminder needs to be set and default visibility can be customer for this sub-status. It adds an additional step that once or twice is fine, but when we're using this on a regular basis and going through a number of tickets can be cumbersome...

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