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querystring for Users


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We are trying to use the form to allow people to choose their manager etc via the below method, however, we have lots of users in our instance and wonder how we can limit this presented list to our customers to certain departments or buildings.... Are there examples of what queries you can enter to return specific lists of users etc.


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Hi @Jeremy

Thanks for your post.  Unfortunately there is an incorrect label on this field which currently suggests that this field is for a queryString, but rather it can just be used to set a default selection.  

I will inquire to see if there are any thoughts or alternatives to allow you to provide a narrowed down list of users.  One option might be to create some simple lists that contain manager names for the different sights.  


Simple Lists for Service Manager are created in Administration under Home->Service Manager->Simple Lists



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@James Ainsworth a simple list is good but we have a list of a possible 3000 people that they can choose from and this changes when people start or leave the organisation so using the actual users we have in the system makes a lot more sense, but the list currently shows our staff and students which is potentially over 75,000 users.

As we have so many users it would be good to be able to restrict the list down.

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