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Displaying field data captured in a Progressive Capture within an email template

Adrian Simpkins

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I am working on building some email templates to work with a new BPM/PC. I have managed to populate a number of the fields with no issues using the Variable list email supplied with the out of the Email templates, as well as reviewing the Variable picker from within the email designer screen. However, I am struggling to work out the variable I would use to display a Customers responses to the questions posed in the PC (I am setting up an auto email to forward the Customers response for review for Information Governance purposes).

Is there a full list of Variables within the database anywhere I can view easily, or can  you advise what Variable I should enter to display the data? I have the form name, and the field names within the form - just need confirmation what I should set as the Variable to display field 1, field 2 etc

Many thanks

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Hi @Adrian Simpkins you are not able to include progressive capture questions directly into email templates.    What you are able to do is map (via progressive capture and or copy these answers into request custom fields) which are then available for you to include in your email templates.

Some useful wiki sources below:

Request Variables:


Business Process Designer - Specifically the options to update request (i.e the custom fields)


Using the Variable picker


Mapping progressive Capture answers into custom fields:


Plenty of reading but i hope this helps


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