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Assigning Assets

Paul Trenter

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Hi there, hopefully a simple one.  We use Hornbill mainly for customers rather than our own company.  These are configured within Organisations and Contacts.

I've been looking at using the asset manager to control some of the stock we maintain for them.  Problem I'm hitting is that while you can assign the 'owned by' field to users, you cannot assign them to the Organisation.

Is this something that's possible and I'm just missing?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @Paul Trenter the assets can only be Owned by internal users, and in turn against sites and internal companies. 

However you can use the Used By field and mark assets as being Shared with Contacts and Organisations. 

If you do this on the asset record, you will see an option on the right hand side, which will allow you to add which organizations and contacts the asset has been shared with. 


In progressive capture, you will then see a Shared With tab on the asset form, alongside the My Assets, Sites Assets, Companies Asssts

Hope this helps

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Hi @Steven Boardman, thanks for the reply.

I'm just testing with a newly created asset type.   Doesn't seem to allow that shared option though in the 'Used By' field.  Just bringing up that same internal users list.

Also, would you still be able to bulk import assets if assigning a shared organisation?

Thanks, Paul

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