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16 hours ago, Steven Boardman said:

Hi @Giuseppe Iannacone the home group (for now) will not have any bearing.  It is in place for some exciting features we are working on and will be coming out in the coming months, more on this i am afraid at INSIGHTS 19, i hope you are able to join us?

I will join the insight, but @Steven Boardman it seems to me that now a couple of user that i have assigned an home organization are not recognized correctly by the SLA rules which is based on the company name.

How can i remove an home organisation?

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@Giuseppe Iannacone the home setting should not have any bearing in Service Manager  (as yet), are you able to provide some examples and i ca see if the team can assist.  I have also asked for the option to remove the home organisation once set. Apologises once again for any issues it is causing it should not yet be visible in the admin console :(

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Hi @Steven Boardman

I would also be interested in setting some Home Organisations, to enable users to create tickets within the correct team.  However, the option is currently greyed out for me


Do I simply need to enable this in the settings?  If so, would you mind pointing me in the right direction as I've been unable to locate it on the WIki pages.

Many Thanks

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