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Default Mailbox Query

Adrian Simpkins

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I wanted to see if someone could just confirm my understanding of how a default mailbox will be utilised within Hornbill. We have 3 different Sites where our staff will be raising requests from, and each site has it's own local mailbox. I note that the explanation of the default mailbox states :

Define which mailbox any manually sent emails will be sent from on requests logged against the service

  • If no mailbox is selected then manually send emails will be sent from the mailbox selected by the agent sending the email on the request raised against the service
  • Agents need to have the rights to send emails from the default service, otherwise it will default to a mailbox the agent does have the rights to send from
  • Agents can manually override which mailbox emails are sent from when sending emails manually from a request logged against the service if they have the rights to more than one mailbox

So I just wanted to confirm that if I do not set a default mailbox on a Service, the email should default to a users default Site email ? The reason I want to confirm this is ideally I want to use the same BPM / PC's for each Site, and offer one service rather than having to setup a service for each site with their local default mailbox specified.



Many thanks

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Hi @Adrian Simpkins there are a couple of points here. 

1. You will define in your business process the mailbox any automated emails are sent from - the above will have no bearing on this

2. The default mailbox in this context refers to the mailbox from which manually sent emails will be sent when using the email action on the request action bar

So in your example you offer the same service to users across your three sites, then there would appear to be no need for different services / bpm / pc's etc to support them, you can configure in your business process, which shared mailbox all automated emails are sent. 


Basically the rules apply as follows for the default mailbox in context to manually sent emails:

1. If the service owner sets a default shared mailbox for their service, when an agent uses the manual email option on a request raised against that service, the from shared Mailbox will default to this shared mailbox.


2. If there is no default shared mailbox set, then the from shared mailbox will default to the shared mailbox the agent has the rights too

3. If the agent has rights to multiple shared mailboxes then they will be able to choose which  shared mailbox to send the manual emails from on the request, and a drop down will appear in the From field, but defaulted to the choice made on the service.

There would be no automatic look-up beyond this, it will all be down to the rights the agent working on a request has to different shared mailboxes

The idea of this feature was to allow a service owner, to set a preference for which shared mailbox so agents do not need to decide for themselves which of the mailboxes they have rights to, they should be using. 

Hope that helps


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Hi Steve

Thanks for the clarification, appreciated. So if the default mailbox desription above is for User generated emails rather than automatic emails, and I set just one mailbox on the Service I would just need to ensure the User has permissions to that mailbox for the auto email function to trigger correctly - perfect !

Many thanks!

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