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Service Portal - Configurations

David Longley

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Hey, I wanted to know how i can remove the below tile from the bottom of my Self-service portals?


Ideally i want to remove the white section completely. 


Also, does anyone know how you can reduce the amount of dead space between my services and the blue title:





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@David Longley I don't believe you can remove the white section at the bottom with the copyright reference, powered by Hornbill etc. 

In regards to the services, you can configure the number of services displayed by default, size of the icons, info about the services etc and whilst this may not reduce the space between the services and the footer, it will allow you to display more services in the available space


Here i have gone with small icons, 40 by default and only to display the service name.

These settings are here > Admin Console > Service Manager > Settings


I hope this is of some help

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@David Longley i will feed this back and see if there is room for improvement here.   I will add, there is active work going on for the next iteration of self service in the way of My Services which is currently being worked on, and this initiate was discussed at INSIGHTS 18 and we will be updating more about this at our customer event,  INSIGHTS 19 in June, so watch this space in the coming months...........


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Hi @Steven Boardman

This post has caught my eye, as I'm in the process of configuring our Self Service portal.  Is it possible to change the default view from 'All My Services' to 'IT Services'?

This is what our self service portal is primarily used for and as we begin to introduce new sectors of our business onto Hornbill, I'd like the IT pages to remain the default.

Many Thanks and see you at INSIGHTS19!

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Hi @Ann-MarieJones in the current self service configuration it is not possible  to change the default view i'm afraid - the user will default to their Favourite services (those which they perhaps use most often and as such want presenting on the landing page.   

We are enhancing self service to better accommodate the services of different business functions and at INSIGHTS19 we will be able to give you a lot more information on this

See you there :) 

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